The Top 3 Mistakes Lifters Make When Dealing With Shoulder Pain

What’s up, my name is Ryan and today I’m going to show you the top three mistakes that people make when dealing with shoulder pain.

Mistake number one is to completely stop training shoulders when dealing with pain. But when you do this you actually lose strength, endurance, and work capacity.

So, when you do get back to training, it just tends to hurt just as much as before, or sometimes even worse.

Mistake number two is to use a bunch of passive modalities like heat, e-stim, and kinesiotape. While these things might help make it feel good in the short term, they don’t do anything in the long term to actually build back up the strength, endurance or ability to handle training stress.

Mistake number three is to only focus on low load rotator cuff exercises with things like light bands, or one or two pound dumbbells.

While these things might have their place for some people at some time, most lifters progress past that really quickly, and if you’re not actually training your shoulders, and using variations of exercises that you’re going to do in the gym, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice

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