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Coaching And Programming

We at Barbell PT & Performance are not only passionate about helping people resolve their pain and get back to lifting, training, running, and all of the other activities that they love; we’re also passionate about helping people become bigger, stronger, faster, and overall in better shape.

We have partnered with Resilient Training Lab to provide the absolute best in-person and remote coaching/programming in order to help people with all of their health and fitness-related goals. 

We help people of all kinds, from people who have never exercised before to competitive strength athletes, with completely customized training programs to help them reach their goals.

Here is a testimonial from one of our Coaching and Programming clients:

- Emily

“Resilient Training Lab is the best!! The coaches are all knowledgeable and thoughtful with programming. Anyone with a specific fitness goal, trying to get stronger or looking for a positive funny community to train with look no further. You won’t regret the decision. Paul has helped me train through a pregnancy and come back stronger afterwards. He always listens to my goals and programs accordingly.”