Barbell Physical Therapy and Performance, LLC Testimonials

“I started working with Ryan about 6 months after I had surgery for a hip labral tear. After my surgery, I got physical therapy from another provider, but was still struggling to fix a hip hike that I was noticing during my squats. When I came to Ryan, he knew exactly what to do! After about 2 months of working together, I finally started to notice that my squat was becoming more even and my hip was able to get into deeper ranges of motion. I am so thankful to Ryan for his expertise and helping me to feel confident again with my lifting!”

Dena Laursen

“After a lot of trial and error attempting to rehab this issue on my own, I gave the team at Barbell a shot. I’ve followed Ryan on social media for a while, and several athletes I work out with gave Barbell the highest recommendation. Those recommendations were absolutely correct. I was impressed not only with their knowledge as practitioners, but also their knowledge as lifters, which is what I’ve been looking for.”

Jared Ragusett

“I was recovering from bicep surgery and had patella tendon issues with both knees that prevented me from doing certain movements in the gym without pain or discomfort, but after seeing the team at Barbell PT and Performance they were able to show me some really great stretching and mobility movements to increase the strength/mobility in the areas that in turn affected and improved both my knees and bicep.”

Richard Harris

“My experience with Ryan and BPT was excellent. I went in mainly with neck and nerve issues, but Ryan went above and beyond and helped me with longstanding back issues as well. He explained every question I had and really made me understand why I was doing all the exercises he prescribed me.”

Nick Marano

“I came to barbell physical therapy with a quad injury as well as some nagging shoulder pain that I had spent years trying to get rid of with no luck. Unlike other physical therapists, Ryan didn’t just tell me to stop lifting. He understood how I wanted to train to provide me with rehab as well as general training advice and modifications that allowed me to get the most out of my training. Going in to physical therapy I was able to perform about 20-30% of the exercises that I wanted to as everything else caused too much pain or discomfort. After working with Ryan I am able to do anything I want in the gym pain free for the first time in years. I could not recommend Barbell Physical Therapy enough to any lifters struggling with injuries.”

Nick Hall

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Zachary Deutscher

“I went to see Ryan at Barbell Physical Therapy after I suffered a back injury.  I work as a firefighter full time and knew that I wanted to get back to being able to work and not worry about if I would hurt my back again lifting tools or patients.  The fact that Ryan focused on preparing me for not just lifting in the safest way possible but strengthening my back so that I could be in a poor position and still remain safe was very important for me.  The fact that he helped me modify my lifting program to help me improve my strength at the same time as trying to get back to work was also a great help.”

Georgia Kral

“Can’t recommend Barbell PT enough!!! Started working with Barbell 10 weeks ago after very badly straining my hip squatting. I tried at first to remedy the pain on my own with stretches etc but that only made it worse as the pain continued to wake me up in my sleep whenever I would move. Barbell is unlike any other physical therapy clinic I have ever worked with. My PT at Barbell was extremely knowledgeable about the body in an athletic sense, they will not tell you you can never squat, deadlift or lift in general again, and they challenge your injury (in a good way).”