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At Barbell Physical Therapy & Performance We Help Active Adults, Lifters, And Athletes Solve Their Pain And Get Back To The Workouts And Sports They Enjoy Without Medication, Surgery, Or Stopping The Activities They Love.

Have you found our site because you’re looking to work with a physical therapist in North Haven? Have you been recommended to try physical therapy?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

When pain and problems like back pain, hip pain, and knee pain happen, it’s tempting to think “it’ll go away if I just rest” or even pretend like it never happened…

Unfortunately, oftentimes the problem festers, slowly getting worse, impacting your lifestyle and disrupting your happiness.

Things like pain medications, injections, or other services like chiropractic, massage, or acupuncture may provide temporary relief…but then the symptoms return and you feel even more helpless.

Physical therapy, when done properly, not only gets rid of your pain, but also finds the root cause of the pain so your pain STAYS AWAY and so you can get back to your normal lifestyle.

We know you’re skeptical. Likely you’ve been to other healthcare practitioners in the past and nothing they’ve done has helped you or your problems.

We Understand

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most of our clients at North Haven have often:

  • Tried treatment elsewhere, sometimes even at other PT clinics, and had poor experiences and results.
  • Thought the pain would go away on its own if they just rested, only to find that it doesn’t.
  • Been told by a friend or family member that their pain or problem is just “a normal part of getting older” and to accept it.
  • Have been to the doctor and been told that their only options are “painkillers, surgery, or injections”.
  • Have tried exercises from YouTube, their personal trainer, or other fitness studios but found they only aggravated the pain and made their problems worse.
  • Have had surgery, injections, or used painkillers only to have minimal or even no success.

Do Any of Those Sound Like You?

  • Are you constantly battling aches and pains in the gym that prevent you from making any progress?
  • Is an injury stopping you from participating in your workout routine, weightlifting, running, or your favorite activities?
  • Have you always been told to “just rest” when you go to see other healthcare providers for pain or injuries?
  • Is back pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain stopping you from advancing in your workouts or training?

We focus on solving these problems with our clients.

Whether you’re somebody who is just trying to stay healthy so they can keep up with their friends or kids, or a competitive strength athlete who is looking to set PRs on the platform, we can help you get back to the lifestyle you want to live.

We know how important your training and exercise is to you and your lifestyle, and we help you overcome any pain or injury that’s limiting or stopping you from being able to do the activities you love.

What Makes Barbell PT & Performance Different?

We understand the demands of your lifestyle and/or sport.

The Barbell PT & Performance staff are not only Doctors of Physical Therapy, they are also avid athletes. Because of this, they understand exactly what this type of lifestyle demands, and how to effectively help other athletes deal with their pain and injuries. Whereas many other healthcare providers and physical therapists would simply tell you to stop training when you’re dealing with an injury, the Barbell PT & Performance staff will actually work with you in order to figure out how to modify your current training so that you can continue to train hard even while dealing with an injury.

One-On-One Care For A Full Hour With Your Doctor, Every Visit

To ensure that you get the highest level of care possible, each of your visits will be a full hour long of completely one-on-one care with you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will never be handed off to a rehab tech or aide after spending 10-15 minutes with a physical therapist, like you might at other PT clinics.

You Are More Than Just A Diagnosis Or Injury

At Barbell PT & Performance, we treat the person as a whole. Not only do we address the specific areas of pain/injury, but we use a whole-body approach to treatment and exercise to ensure that not only do you recover from your injury, but you leave our clinic in better shape than when you came in.

You’ll Never Get A Bill From Us Months After Your Visits

Many PT clinics have to send out bills months after your visits with them. At Barbell PT & Performance, you’ll never be surprised by a bill that you weren’t expecting.

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