How Andin Went From Low Back Pain to Squatting and Deadlifting Again!

Andin is an avid lifter who came to Barbell Physical Therapy and Performance after dealing with low back pain that’s been limiting her from doing things like squats and deadlifts in the gym for months!

Here is what Andin had to say about her experience at our clinic:

“Hi, my name is Andin. I’ve been working with Barbell PT and Performance for about seven weeks now. This past March, I herniated a disc in my lumbar spine and I went through about three or four months of traditional PT, where I was placing virtually zero load on my spine.

Any of the things that we were doing in the clinic or any training I was doing outside of the clinic was restricted to lightweight, or bodyweight movements, and I was discouraged from doing really any movements that placed load on my spine, so things like deadlifts, and squats.

And as an avid lifter, that didn’t really feel great, and my confidence got to a point where I didn’t really like going to the gym, I wasn’t confident at all getting under the bar, which really was not great for me.

And while traditional PT got me to a point where I really wasn’t feeling much pain day to day, that confidence factor really deterred me from from getting back after my training.

So I’m now seven weeks into my programming here at Barbell PT and Performance, and I feel awesome. About four or five weeks in my confidence was back in full force, I actually squatted a weight that surpasses the weight that I was injured at, which is really exciting.

My PT is incredibly knowledgeable and versatile with my training, and he’s always sure to make sure that we’re on the same page with how I’m progressing and how I feel day to day with each session, which makes me feel really heard and makes me feel like I’m a huge part of my recovery process.

So I fully recommend Barbell PT and Performance to any athlete who is struggling with an injury, especially the athletes who have goals to get back into the gym or to get back to their sport with the help of a professional who truly understands their needs, and the needs of an elite athlete. So my programming is almost up, but I’m really confident that I’m set up for success for years to come. So thank you very much Barbell PT and Performance.”

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